Terminal Prognosis? Not willing to accept that?

I wasn't either...


If you are looking for clarity, hope and calmness on your journey...

Hi, thanks for dropping in! I'm Chris Collins, a Revivor!


Revivors are those who have been diagnosed with any terminal or chronic condition or who have experienced a life threatening event(s) who have chosen to find ways to continue on using strong belief systems, research, experimentation to evolve their wellness.

Revivors take total responsibility for their healing and use other means and helpers if they have determined that a poor prognosis is not for them (unless and until they want to accept such prognosis).

They take multiple actions to heal and when an action is not beneficial, they change course and take other actions. They use any allopathic and alternative means to find what works for them, and monitor results as necessary.  There are thousands of us, you are not alone.


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