This is my story.

I was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia in 2010 and given 6 months to live. I felt in my case, a diagnosis/prognosis was only an opinion. Somehow I felt it was not the truth.


I was determined to do anything necessary to live, so I researched, experimented and learned how to heal my body. There are always more options than one can see right away. Thankfully, it worked.


March 17, 2019 marks nine years since that dire prediction.

In doing my research, I found other people who had healed despite their prognoses and decided to learn from them. Each person finds their own healing. Some accept their prognosis as their truth. These folks have plenty of support in the medical community and should continue on that route.

Others also don’t feel their prognosis is correct, for whatever reason, and they work vehemently to heal, improve, evolve as they learn about themselves and how to revive. This site is for those who want to learn what others have done with their challenges, and how they rebuilt their lives from the inside out.

Early on, used only alternative means because I had 4 family members and 3 friends pass on to the other side using allopathic (mainstream) options. Once I realized allopathic and alternative microdosing among other choices were becoming available, I shifted again. This party is anything but static.


I now use faith, meditation, food, yoga, exercise, dance, humor, alternative AND allopathic options. All are reasonable (allopathic, alternative, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, etc.).


On this path, many have opinions, sometimes there is pressure from friends and family, and then there are statistics. But the proof remains: No one knows why/how we heal. We just do. This site provides many stories of folks who have done just that. The list continues to grow. Find someone who has already done it!


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I coined the term 'Revivor' for those who choose this path because they are, indeed, reviving themselves just as someone would revive a person who is near death. The tools we use are specific to each of us, and chosen by each of us.  We find our helpers, we consider our options, we tryout things for a while, see what the results are and shift. With the results we start the process again. We may live with daily fears (Am I living or am I dying?) but Revivors just accept one day at a time in gratitude, and then make another decision. There is always plenty to do.

 This site was built to support you, the Revivor, in beauty, truth, knowledge, humor (hopefully) and strength as you walk your path. Use it as a jumping off point to find others who have, indeed, healed themselves of rare and common terminal diagnoses, and chronic illness. You will also find things to help you expand in the areas of beauty, wonder, joy, calm, courage, and fun.

What you believe and accept, is your truth. No one can give you an opinion which you do not accept, and expect it to stick! It’s like an old post-it, curled, rumpled, and useless! Your own opinion is the one that counts, and you will know it clearly the more you know yourself. This is helpful because ALL responsibility for Life lies with you and your choices.

Hopefully here you will find keys to understanding you, accepting you, celebrating you and walking your own path as the doors open just for you.

As the Revivor says, "I've got this!" 


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