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LDN has been shown to assist in the healing of many different diseases. It is worth your while to understand it as you walk your path.
Here is the link:

Kelly A. Turner, Ph.D. has a website for cancer revivors who share their stories, and what alternative means they used to get well. This is the largest and most innovative site I have ever seen, and many revivors are leaving their names so you can contact them.


In addition, I suggest, if you are working with cancer, to get her book, Radical Remission, TODAY. There is no other book that is as comprehensive and worthy of your time. I think she is changing the game for all cancer folk, and that will mean an exponential shift in healing.

Here is her site:

That said, I will not be updating this page in the future because she has it “down”, and I will concentrate on bringing you connections to people who are working with other illnesses.

Carole Baggerly Ph.D – Breast Cancer

David Bennett

Connah Broom -Terminal Neuroblastoma

Amy Camie

Courtney Campbell – Stage 2 Nodular Lymphocyte Predominant Hodgkin Lymphoma

Kris Carr – Epithelioid Hemangioendothelioma (EHE), a Vascular Cancer in the lining of the blood vessels in her liver and lungs

Julia Chiapetta – Breast Cancer

Anne Cooper – Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

Felicity Corbin-Wheeler – Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

Veronique DeSaulniers Ph.D – Breast Cancer

Lauren Ewing – Ovarian Cancer

Gabriel Forzano DOM – Myleofibrosis

Karen Garcia

Michael Gearin-Tosh and others – Cancer Active

Elaine Gibson – Stage 4 Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

Peg Harvey-Sweeny – Facebook Page

Dr. Fred Hatfield and others

Issa Khalaf Ph.D.

Ursula Kaiser – Advanced ovarian and uterine cancers that had spread to her lymphatic system

David Lingle – Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)

Sue Macco – Organized Wisdom

Lindsey Martin – Facebook

Danny McDonald

Hayley Mills

Ed Moore – Stage 4 Liver Cancer

Anita Moorjani – Lymphoma

Jill Schneider – Cervical Cancer

Meghan Sherow – Stage 3 Brain Cancer

Trevor Smith – Bladder Cancer

Tamera St. John MBA – Breast Cancer

Janet Vitt

Chris Wark – Stage 3 Colon Cancer

Liana Werner-Grey – Precancerous Tumor

Shawn White – Neuroendocrine Cancer

Drew Woodland


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