Come With Me, To The See

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

How is one really to “look” at this thing called Reviving? 

Well, it was different than any other thing I have ever done. But now it has changed the way I think about wellness. Here are the top five ways to view YOU as you revive.

1) You are on a Life Nutrition Quest. This will never change. You will notice, maybe research, experiment, and see what the results are for the rest of your life. Why? Because your body will change. You are healing, and your body needs different things at different times for different reasons.

2) You are well aware of what causes stress in your life and darned if you will put up with much of it. It is the one thing that will get you off your center and make your body fall into a downward spiral. If you get good at meditation (with your eyes closed), or the opposite of stress, you will see the stressor before it turns the corner coming into your being. And you will be long gone. Or you will simply let it come to you, and through you, and IT will be long gone.

3) You will treasure and prioritize rest. Seeing the inside of you when you are fatigued, and that’s where you will see it and feel it, will alert you to taking that nap, getting prone, and revitalizing yourself from head to toe. It might only take 20 minutes but it will make your day.

4) You are on a Ph.D. course of knowing who you are. You can use astrology, books like “Eat Right For Your Blood Type” or learn about what Ayurvedic dosha you are, always going deeper, to view YOU.

5) Little by little you will move your body. One step, one step. There is nothing more able to take away any depressive thoughts as movement, exercize, yoga, trampolining (tramping), walking, dancing. If you cannot do it on the outside of the body, you can do it on the inside. One way or another, you will move yourself.



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