Can't WAIT for this Movie!

There’s a new movie coming about talking about one of the things I struggle with every single day…Sugar! 

Here’s the link to the trailer….

I like the comment at the end. Sugar is not evil, but life is so much better…when you get rid of it.

My own journey with sugar has been lifelong. I will just tell you the results. At age 14 I had to have 14 tooth fillings. I have had daily bouts of emotional swings all my life. I just walked away from a terminal diagnosis five years ago and feel sugar was a part of that mix. Sugar took minerals out of my body, minerals I needed so very much. Sugar is nothing but food porn.

It is also one way you can increase so many things in your life, like humor (and I love me some humor!). However, as it is leaving the body, and that starts to happen 20 minutes after you ingest it, it wreaks havoc on so many systems. People like me say, don’t have sugar in the house, because before you know it, it will be in your mouth. When I stopped all sugar, I found that I could easily forget that I actually did stop, and popped something into my “pie hole”. They don’t call it the “other” cocaine for nothing. And sugar is high in sugar fruits. Diabetics can’t even eat more than 6 grapes at a time. My personal favorite is mango, or watermelon. So, yup, none of that. Forget juices. But what is the upside?

No roller coaster emotions. No wanting to kill someone when they say “Have a Nice Day!” No reactive explosions. No mornings that it seems impossible to get up without a two story crane in the works. So, do I want sugar? Sure, it’s addictive! Of course! Will I eat it? Nope. Not enough bang for the buck. In fact, there is no bang at all.



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