Ha! is Short for Halleluia!

Celebrate, celebrate, dance to the muuusic!

No time, no time, I got got got NO TIME!

Which do you say more often?

Well kiddo, the choice is ours. I choose BOTH of them, but I play much more often than I “work”. And when I say work I mean, organizing, planning, doing, arranging, running, hurrying, and worrying.  When I say play I mean walking somewhere, singing, dancing (yes in Walmart), thinking about having fun, napping, doing yoga, meditating and laughing.

Okay, I lied.

I can honestly say that I work much more than play. But there comes a point when my brain no longer works, my body revolts, and I can do nothing else but let it do what it wants, celebrate this life. Then I bury my face in the grass and smell the dirt, or go and take pictures of flowers or just sit in a vegetable garden watching all the comings and goings. There are other things too. What do you do to fill up each and every day? I would love to hear about it because I’m always open to new venues of Halleluia!



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