Practice Makes More Practice

Ever do anything for the first time? Of course! We have all done many things for the first time. Baked cookies, washed a car, cleaned a bathroom. Oh my, the first time is DIFFICULT. But the second time? Easier. The third time? Easier still! The fourth time, ah, we might be getting into a rhythm, and maybe even found that there were some short cuts. Fifth time? It is actually enjoyable! There we are, now we can do it well, quickly and efficiently. It only took five times! If we are lucky.

That’s the way it is with healing too!

We practice it, and see the results, and practice some more, and notice results. Is green juice good? How does it make you feel? Is breathing practice good? What do you feel for the rest of the day? Is stretching or yoga good? What does your body say after doing that in the morning?

This can get frustrating. Because we might only be feeling a LITTLE better. But the end result is the thing, right? That means we can live. Stepping stones to living. And each step, each practice, allows us to know more about us. We then can “get” that we are stronger, smarter, and even more creative. But we cannot know that without practicing things that heal us, our honeybunchesofgoals.

Just do it again, whatever it is, one more time. See what happens.



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